2009 – Bachelor of Arts, Painting – Venice Fine Art Academy
2010 – Erasmus Project – WDKA, Rotterdam
2011 – Master of Arts, Painting – Venice Fine Art Academy
2012 – Handcraft Worker
2015 – Master of Science, Video Game Technology – NHTV, Breda
2015 – Video Game Artist

Yoga Teacher since 2013, yogi since 2008.
Creator for a lifetime, indeed sometimes I wonder if I could have been made by myself.
I play clarinet and guitar, I love to write, and I’m always keen to learn new things: thus books, travels, comfort zone breaks.

2015 – Talk: “Psychology and Perception of Colours”, GIC, Poznan
2016 – Talk: “Colours in Videogame”, Game Over, Milano

2008 – Group Exhibition: “PushArt”, San Giacomo Church, Vicenza
2009 – Group Exhibition: “Symbolica”, Estense Castle, Ferrara
2010 – Group Exhibition: “The heart of Venice”, Santa Maria Ausiliatrice Church, Venezia
2010 – Group Exhibition: “Artslive”, Ronco dell’Adige, Verona
2010 – Group Exhibition: “Art in mind”, The Brick Lane Gallery, London
2011 – Group Exhibition: “Genius Loci”, Fine Arts Academy, Venezia
2012 – Solo Exhibition: “We are the gracefulness”, Argot9, Roma
2013 – Solo Exhibition: “Consecrate Time”, Borgo d’Oro Gallery, Bergamo

2010 – Award: Art Contest “Artslive”, Verona
2012 – Award: Art Contest “We are the Grace”, Roma
2013 – Award: Art Contest “White Prize”, Bergamo

Software Competences.